Agricultural Products

spare agricultural machine parts FOR MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY IN CATANZARO AND the PROVINCE

More than 40 years of experience in a complex sector like rubber product manufacturing enables Bonaddio to profit from its know-how in various areas, including the production of high-quality agricultural spare parts. Bonaddio produces professional rubber replacement parts for devices such as tractors, sprayers, shakers and mowers.


Our spare parts for agricultural machinery, such as gaskets and full wheels for olive shakers and tractors, are designed to fit perfectly to different devices without omitting any details. Our extensive selection available to the customer has attractive prices and offers highly-professional products that can withstand even the most extreme stresses, adverse weather and climate conditions without worrying about wear and tear. For those looking for long-lasting spare parts to improve productivity without any unwanted surprises, Bonaddio in Lamezia Terme is a guaranteed choice.

A  complete  assortment

Choosing the right spare part for agricultural machines must be done with care and attention, so that you can select the most suitable product. Bonaddio's catalogue is constantly evolving, with ever-new items to meet the most diverse needs. This is also done with the support of our competent, prepared staff. Thanks to our solutions designed for the most cutting-edge agricultural machines on the market, Bonaddio is a trading partner for all companies that do not compromise on quality.
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