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The  professionals  of  rubber technical  products
since  1991in Lamezia Terme

Bonaddio Articoli in Gomma boasts more than 25 years of experience in the rubber item industry, with a top-quality assortment for different uses. All Bonaddio brand articles and products are carefully scrutinised and tested by our company in order to guarantee efficiency fully meet customer needs. Bonaddio is a company in Lamezia Terme, specialised since 1991 in the production of rubber technical products for industrial and agricultural machinery. The company provides systems for protecting the the bark of plants, such as olive trees, during production and harvesting cycles .
rubber and wheels

Production  and  testing

Bonaddio exercises the highest level of care while manufacturing its products by using the finest raw materials and the most reliable machinery. Quality is a key requirement in this industry, and for this reason, our company subjects every single product to a series of stringent tests to test its robustness, resistance to bending, pressure, abrasion, impact, temperature changes, frost, static and slipping. The result is a tailor-made product, able to withstand any stress.
The catalogue today boasts over 800 items with different customisation options.
rubber products

our  complete  assortment

Due to the quality of our products, Bonaddio's customers include the best olive shaker manufacturing companies. Among the 800 products offered by Bonaddio, there are shaking machines, inflatable tubs for self-cleaning and packer systems, elastic couplings, anti-vibration pads, duct gaskets, rubber strips, full metal wheels, support for bridges and more for a continuously evolving catalogue.
rubber products and spare parts

at  the  client's  side  since  1991

Bonaddio was born in 1991, but since 1975, the owner has been involved in the production and manufacturing of rubber products. This experience exceeds forty years, allowing our company in Lamezia Terme to provide products that are accurate to the smallest detail. Contact us for a free quote for spare parts from agricultural machinery.
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